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AnswerPhone Services
Power companies and electric cooperatives...We have a site tailored just for you.Visit http://www.repanswer.com  for some industry specific information on how we can benefit you!

How does this work? Simply forward your calls. You control how your calls are forwarded. You may choose to forward your calls in any way or a combination of all.

1. Standard Call ForwardingEach time you want us to take your calls for you, forward the calls. When you wish to receive your own calls, simply cancel call forwarding.

2. Busy Call Forwarding. When your line is in use, your callers are automatically sent to us.

3. Automatic Call Forwarding. Set your phone to forward calls when your line is unanswered after a certain number of rings.

4. Always Answer. We can answer all of your telephone calls.
How do I receive my messages or calls?
-- You call us for your messages.
-- We call you with your messages.
-- We email your messages.
-- We text your messages.
-- We fax your messages.
-- We page you to deliver your messages.
-- We page you with the callers number.
-- We give your callers an alternate number.
-- We transfer (patch) your caller to you.
-- ​Live and Automated Appointment Reminders.
Specialty Services
-- Appointment Scheduling.
-- Special Instructions to Designated Callers.
-- Custom Order Taking.
-- Call Screening.
AnswerPhone is the solution to all of your telephone answering needs. Out-of-town, gone to lunch, in a meeting, on the other line, or closed for a holiday? We'll be here for you, all day, every day. We never close!
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